Johnson controls are the world’s largest manufacture of automotive batteries.

More than 100 years experience in delivering vehicle batteries.

Power Frame Grid Technology for more consistent power.

Fitted with 0.9mm lead plates.

Energizer batteries are made in Spain / Czech / Germany.

Energizer KUWAIT

The name says it all: an ideal combination of premium quality and premium performance. A battery to fulfill the highest demands in performance, service life and reliability in mid-range vehicles and suv’s for example.
Energizer max AGM: your very own statement of independence.
AGM Technology-Ready for Start-Stop vehicles with regenerative breaking and highest energy demands.
Long life- optimized grid design for extended battery life.
Stamped Grid Technology- Corrosion resistant grid technology.
Climate Proof- Corrosion resistant battery design tailored for demanding conditions.
Vibration resistance- Battery technology to withstand rough conditions.
Ready to use- Delivered filled and charged.