AutoPart Battery was founded in 1982 and began as a small factory producing lead acid starter batteries for the domestic market in Poland.

Today, after four decades of remarkable growth and investment, the company has become a leading European manufacturer with activities spanned across 4 continents and products distributed to over 50 countries around the world.

Redox Batteries


Ideal solutions coupled with very high efficiency for vehicles with a large number of electrical power consumers, intensively operated in urban traffic, with frequent start-up cycles such as START-STOP and commercial vehicles
The negative plate uses a new type of special Nano Power carbon additive which improves the battery’s strength and load handling
Thanks to its robust internal design and improved plate, the battery achieves up to 4 times the life cycle of conventional products
A high dynamic load acceptance rate triples the standard requirements for booster batteries, which saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions
High stability and resistance to extreme temperatures, both external and in the engine compartment
Top operational safety (explosion preventer and sealed battery design allow for use both in the passenger cabin and in the luggage boot)
Perfect solution for vehicles with large number of accessories and frequent starting cycles (urban cycles), utility vehicles (eg. taxis)