SHENGTAI Group specialized in Truck and Bus Radial Tyres (TBR) with the annual production capacity of 3 million sets of all steel radial truck tyres, 6 Million high-performance PCR tires, 2 million sets of wheels, 1.5 million sets of butyl tubes and capsules.

  • Originates from European leading technology and equipment from Germany, Holland, France, and Japan, our high-performance passenger car tires are designed for exceptional tread life, good security, low noise and ride comfort.
  • Each tire passed Appearance, Uniformity and Dynamic balance tests with X-Ray, Dynamic balance, Uniformity tester from Japan and Germany to meet US DOT, ECE, GCC, INMETRO, SONCAP, S-MARK, REACH standards.
  • Long-term cooperation and a trademark strategy can protect dealers’ profit.

Shengtai Tyres KUWAIT